What Is Left to Say?

August 20, 2014

A must read for anyone concerned about social justice and the staggering level of oppression that still exists in our society.


In his 1934 essay, “A Negro Nation Within a Nation”, WEB DuBois wrote:

The colored people of America are coming to face the fact quite calmly that most white Americans do not like them, and are planning neither for their survival, nor for their definite future if it involves free, self-assertive modern manhood. This does not mean all Americans. A saving few are worried about the Negro problem; a still larger group are not ill-disposed, but they fear prevailing public opinion. The great mass of Americans are, however, merely representatives of average humanity. They muddle along with their own affairs and scarcely can be expected to take seriously the affairs of strangers or people whom they partly fear and partly despise.

For many years it was the theory of most Negro leaders that this attitude was the insensibility of ignorance and inexperience, that white America did not know of or…

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Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party

August 16, 2014

Iraq as a model for the aftermath of the Civil War is brilliant–and chilling.

The Weekly Sift

Tea Partiers say you don’t understand them because you don’t understand American history. That’s probably true, but not in the way they want you to think.

Late in 2012, I came out of the Lincoln movie with two historical mysteries to solve:

  • How did the two parties switch places regarding the South, white supremacy, and civil rights? In Lincoln’s day, a radical Republican was an abolitionist, and when blacks did get the vote, they almost unanimously voted Republican. Today, the archetypal Republican is a Southern white, and blacks are almost all Democrats. How did American politics get from there to here?
  • One of the movie’s themes was how heavily the war’s continuing carnage weighed on Lincoln. (It particularly came through during Grant’s guided tour of the Richmond battlefield.) Could any cause, however lofty, justify this incredible slaughter? And yet, I realized, Lincoln was winning. What must the Confederate leaders…

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More Indie Adventures

July 15, 2013

I read my friend Shannon’s essay a couple of days before I heard the not-guilty verdict on George Zimmerman. It was timely and I thought about it a lot as I read the anguished responses in my twitter TL. I’ve thought a lot about issues of race since I watched my family implode from their racism when I was ten. (My aunt married a black man and suddenly I found out that most of my extended family was racist.) While I have tried to educate racist people all my life and I have been angered and saddened, in turn, by watching my friends deal with it directly, I will never know what it is like to live with it directed at me personally. That’s just a fact. I can be sympathetic, I can express solidarity, I can try to apply what I’ve learned from being subjected to classism, homophobia and fat phobia in an effort to empathize, but I can’t KNOW. Since we can’t know, we should try for some humility and LISTEN.

About that Writing thing.

With the cheerleading of my bestie I have published one of my essays at Smashwords.



From my smashwords blurb:

A short essay on telling Whiteness no from the perspective of a pained Black woman. Specifically about how White people talk about young people of color in the news, Trayvon Martin, Rachel Jeantal and Kiera Wilmot. Warning there is racialized language in this piece.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago in response to a lot of media, other essays and posts on social media by upset White people.

I will probably publish more of this sort of piece myself.  Readers so far have responded. I wasn’t sure about doing it this way because admittedly my luck having other people publish stuff like this had been limited. That aside, I do like what I’m doing so why not?

I have the means. I’ll do it for myself.

I feel like in…

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George Zimmerman is found not guilty

July 14, 2013

I can understand how it feels like you are all alone. Some of us are with you.


On July 13th 2013 in America, George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” of both murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watchman in Sanford, Florida, shot Martin dead on the night of February 26th 2012. Martin was 17, black and unarmed. Zimmerman got a bloody nose and some scratches on his head and said it was self-defence.

Zimmerman, the son of a White American judge and a Peruvian American law clerk, was found not guilty by a jury of five white women and one mixed-race woman. It took them 16 hours and 20 minutes to come to a decision. From questions they asked the judge, it seems they were unsure whether the shooting was manslaughter or self-defence.

The defence lawyers who defended Zimmerman were happy, smiling, making jokes, ha-ha. They thought it was terrible that Zimmerman should have even been tried. They blamed…

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April 21, 2013


Protest CISPA Grumpy cat says Hell NO

July 27, 2012

I hate that my white voice is somehow taken more seriously or given more weight but here it is, I endorse everything said here by Shannon Barber. It makes me sad that someone who might have had some positive intentions didn’t do her homework, didn’t consult any people of color (as near as I can tell) and didn’t learn the lessons from the huge racefail debate in the sci fi/fantasy community a few years ago. I urge her to google racefail and sci fi and see what comes up in her browser and to put her feelings aside and really try hard to listen to the critiques. This is book one which makes me fear for what is to come. It’s too late to undo the racist foundation of her world-building though.

About that Writing thing.

Recently I have been talking a lot about White privilege in my other blog. If you’re not familiar with or misunderstand the term before you read this post, please read what I’ve said here and here.

Today via tumblr this seriously award winning YA fantasy/romance book was brought to my attention.

For a taste let’s go over some things that even before I read the synopsis made me angry.

  • Heavy use of Blackface as both the cover art AND as a plot device.
  • Playing on the atavistic White fear of not being in charge of everything.
  • This book is for fucking children.

Now a part of the synopsis as printed at Goodreads.

Eden Newman must mate before her 18th birthday in six months or she’ll be left outside to die in a burning world. But who will pick up her mate-option when she’s cursed with white skin and a tragically…

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Renewing my lost blog

June 21, 2012

Ages ago I tried some different blog sites. This is one I lost track of while continuing with Livejournal which was very easy for me to use. It seemed to me that wordpress was too busy on the interface side. It still does but in the meantime I’ve heard a lot about its functionality and am giving it another chance. My other blog at livejournal has the name I at first bestowed upon this blog: Intersections (Personal, Political, Spiritual). You can find it here: http://tapati.livejournal.com/

I think for wordpress I want to focus solely on my writing as opposed to the latest political event, spiritual observation or post about my life and how it relates to those other two categories. Writing posts have certainly been a part of my other blog but interspersed with a lot of other things–even recipes. As I get closer to finishing my memoir it would be good to have a place solely devoted to samples and news about it’s publication when that day comes.


I will move a few of my writing posts over here in the next few days. I think I will start with the Homeless Odyssey.

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